7 Things You Must Know Before Travelling to Saudi Arabia

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A lot of travelers find Saudi Arabia to be a fascinating destination. Saudi Arabia has been continuing to mesmerize the people around the world from its Red Sea up to its UNESCO sites in Al-Ahsa Oasis and At-Turaif District. Fortunately, your dream of travelling to Saudi Arabia can now come to a reality! If you are searching for updated information regarding Saudi’s tourism, then know that you are on the correct page. We will be imparting important information to you starting from their E-visa to the best time to travel here. So, read on so that you will have an idea regarding the Arabian vacation that you are dreaming of.

1. All About the Saudi Visa

Saudi Arabia has already opened its doors to visitors around the world last 2019. At this time, there are 49 countries whose citizens can apply a tourist visa in their website. However, those countries which are not included in this list will have to apply in the nearest Saudi consulate or embassy. Moreover, those people who already have the Schengen, UK, or US visas can apply for their visa when they arrive there.

2. Tourist Safety in Saudi

All travelers in Saudi Arabia does not have to worry about this because there is a very low crime rate there. Hence, tourists do not encounter problems very much throughout their stay in Saudi.

3. Best Time to Visit Saudi Arabia

The best time to visit Saudi Arabia would be from November to February. This is because the temperatures during this time are at its average, around 25°C to 30°C only. July is usually the month where it is the hottest in Saudi and January being the coldest. During April, expect that this is the time for rainfalls in Middle Eastern regions.

4. What to Pack for Your Trip

Saudi Arabia is a country with great religious importance; hence this country is known for its modest clothing. Therefore, for your trip, it would be wise for you to pack long and loose outfits. Moreover, you should know that wearing of burqa or headscarves are now not compulsory in most areas of the country. Still both women and men must put an effort to stay covered when they are in the kingdom.

Consider also packing scarves, capris or pants, and shawls in your trip. To reduce plastic waste, make sure that you bring a reusable water bottler with you and do not forget your sunscreen also. Just like in UK, Saudi is using G-type plugs. And last, for your convenience, consider carrying an Arabic phrasebook along with you.  

5. Tasty Saudi Food

Saudi Arabia is already known as a culture crossroad and that its cuisines come from different influences. Shawarma, ful, and falafel are the main dishes there are most of their meals are rich, spicy, and comes with bread or rice, and having meat as their essential ingredient. However, vegans and vegetarians should not worry because there are also meatless options in most cities.

6. Traveling Around Saudi Arabia

The cities in Saudi Arabia are massive but has a limited public transport. Thus, we recommend you hire a car so that you will not have a hard time in traveling between cities. On the other hand, if you do not have much time and you would like to focus on exploring major attractions, the cost-effective option would be riding a pane. Buses here are comfortable and clean but it will surely cost you more. Furthermore, there are ride-sharing apps such as Careem and Uber in big cities such as Jeddah and Riyadh.

7. All About Payments

According to my friend at www.directserviceoverhead.com, you can pay big transactions by using your international credit card. Also, application like Google Pay is also popularly used in Saudi. Saudi banknotes are available in 5, 10, 50, 100, and 500 riyals. Additionally, getting money from their ATM is very easy plus, they do not have hidden charges in their ATM!

So, get ready now as you will get to explore the fascinating archeological and natural sites in Saudi Arabia. Just remember that you should avoid taking pictures of government buildings and women when you are in the kingdom already. Happy travelling!

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